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What is the Random Dream Code Tool?

This is our fan created Dream Island Code Randomiser. Animal Crossing players submit their Dream Codes that have been given to them in game via the add your island form above and they are added to our database of Dream Codes. By clicking on the Dream Another Dream button, you’ll be given a random Dream Code that was submitted to our website.

What happens when I submit my Dream Code?

Your Dream Code will be saved to our database and become available via the Dream Another Dream button. Our database only stores Dream Codes and no other identifying information, such as island names, player names or any other information relating to you whatsoever. The purpose here is to only show and provide Dream Codes and nothing else.

How do I use the Dream Island feature?

To use the Dream Island feature, you need to sleep in a bed in your house. Provided you have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership, you’ll be able to go online and input codes to visit Dream Islands. You will also be able to upload your own Dream Island and receive a code for that too. You are able to update your Dream Island once per day and the code will remain the same.

What if a Dream Code doesn’t work?

Please report it to us on our Discord, and we’ll look into it.